07/15/11 - Paraclete Academy Aboard Roseway

Paraclete Academy Aboard Roseway

Roseway had the pleasure of welcoming students from the Paraclete Academy on board for a week-long program that ended today. It was an awesome week of sailing, learning, and laughing. Twenty-two students from South Boston and the surrounding areas enthusiastically jumped aboard Roseway each morning and engaged in lessons ranging from navigation to knots to harbor ecology to maritime history to poetry of the sea, and even to a book club where the students read and discussed Windcatcher.

" I have read a lot of things about boats, and they never told me how awesome it was to be on a boat," said Anna on her last day aboard. Nicole told us that "Sailing Roseway is like a one-time opportunity! So Fun!"

Mid-week we stopped on Lovell's Island and did a discovery hike for a few hours. Many students, although local to Boston, have never been to any of the Harbor Islands.

As usual, we had a busy and tiring week out on the harbor but were sad to see our kids leave on Friday. Fortunately the Academy is only a few miles from our dock so we hope to see them all again soon!