07/14/13 - Boston University STEM Program Sets Sail

Boston University STEM Program Sets Sail

Today was our first day on our 27 hour journey upon the Roseway Schooner ship. One of the first adventures we embarked on was climbing the rig on the ship. This made many of our group members slightly nervous but overall was a unique experience. Within minutes of entering the ship we became members of the ship’s crew. Bow watch was a very important task in which we used a secret set of hand signals. Our group is becoming slightly more fluent in the language of the sailor using not only the hand signals but all sorts of other terms. These new words include the bow, stern, starburst, luff, foot, and scupper. Another crew job that we were able to participate in was raising the sails and this was not easy! Everyone on ship breaks a sweat while putting the sails into place. A highlight of our journey so far was discussing whales… it’s been a whale of a time! Keep your eyes on the horizon for the Roseway to return to Boston!