07/13/10 - Project YESS - Watch A Ship Log

Project YESS - Watch A Ship Log

DATE: July 12, 2010


OBSERVATIONS: Today we learned a lot of things while on our watch we observed the compartments of the boat, how to lookout for thing on the water, navigation how to plot Lat & Long. and how to find where we are. Learned how to drive the Roseway and how to actually use a compass and see how the crew do their daily routines and they taught us the different sails. And Jess the cook on the boat made the most BANGIN' food EVER!!! And Katie, Evan, and the Capt. are soooo coool and they taught us things about the boat that we never knew........looking forward to this trip and its just day one 1/2 :)


Brenna Byrd

Shawnetta Stephens

Edward Long

Bryan Miller

Katie Giuliano

Evan Parnell

Capt. Dwight Deckelmann