07/15/09 - July 13 - 15: Transiting from Boston to Halifax

July 13 - 15: Transiting from Boston to Halifax

Boston to Halifax Transit

Departure: 1500 hours, July 13, 2009

Arrival: 2300 hours, July 15, 2008


By: Kelsey

First of all I would just like to state that A is and always will be Awesome. The weather was much better than we thought it would be, the biggest the waves ever got were about 3-4 feet. A team had deckwatch at 6 am until noon and then again at 6 pm until midnight. We saw many pods of Pilot whales, during A watch’s hours which were way better for whale watching than B’s hours. Later Sam and Kai were on bow watch. It was dark so everyone was on high alert. Sam suddenly comes running back to the Captain saying “Captain, this huge red light just appeared on the horizon!” The Captain looked at her and said “Sam…that’s the moon.”

We ended up getting to the mouth of the Halifax harbor at about 9 pm. B team was sound asleep, not knowing how close they were to being in Halifax. There were many close calls. On the radar, we could see all the boats in the harbor, and all the channel markers. There was one marker that’s light had gone out and so we couldn’t see it even though the radar said it was right off our bow. So, James, Kai and I were going crazy looking for it. We never found it. While we were looking for the marker, an oil tanker came by and told us to get out of the way. We think that’s when the marker went by. There was never any wind, at all, but it did pick up once we took down the sails. We also got to watch three other ships race.


By: Eric

May I start off saying B team was the Best. Transit to Halifax was tiring, boring, and cold. During the sleeping period you could hear the roar of the engines and the creak of the wood. We stayed on watch for six hours and then six hours of sleep. During the midnight to six o’clock was the worst because we had to endure the coldest part of the morning. Boat checks were the best part of watch. During the day watch it wasn’t so bad because there was work to do, warmth, and sunlight. We when got to Halifax it was about 11 o’clock and there were lights everywhere. Docking was difficult and we had to use a ramp to get onto the boat. After we docked we were cleared by customs and then proceeded to return to our bunks.