07/12/14 - Summer Pathways Aboard Roseway

Summer Pathways Aboard Roseway

July 11, 2014 At 2123

Today we started with 10 “I’m a stars”. At first, we felt like that activity was childish, but it was actually a great way to start off this adventure. We were broken up into 3 groups and walked onto the ship. We were all very excited, yet nervous to embark on the new experience. Before departing, we learned a lot about how the ship works. Once we were out on the water, we got to help pull up the sails, which was very cool! We each got one fruit and nuts granola bar and devoured them because we were so hungry and couldn’t wait till dinner. Group A got to set up for dinner and eat first. We all ate the lovely, fantastic chicken pot pie with veggies and fruit. We didn’t really think about how cold it was because the food was so good. We all were excited what desert had in store for us next. We ate the wonderful desert and no one threw up. The sunset and moon were gorgeous and you could see the Boston skyline.

July 12th, 2014 At 0905

It was a good experience to be exposed to how the crew worked together: their communication and how things worked well. All exited to climb the rigging and the bowsprit. It was also interesting to see how many times they check the boat at night and how it was cool to play a part in that; the view was spectacular. We’re also excited for when the boat sets sail again and be a major part of it. Everyone (including the crew) is very friendly and the telling of the history of the Roseway was captivating. There’s a lot of rigorous work on the boat, from knowing what knots to use to actually maintaining it. We enjoyed doing activities together and taking time to know each other as a group.

July 12, 2014 At 1545

After a semi-restful night taking turns on anchor watch, we ate a delicious breakfast. After having breakfast we worked together as a team on the morning boat chores. We cleaned the deck and operated the fire hose. We had to use a lot of strength to pull the sails into position. Next, we had an interesting lesson about navigation. The coolest part of the morning was climbing onto the bowsprit and enjoying the calm sea. The weather was beautiful and cooperative. We were all thankful that there was no rain. It was also interesting to perform a boat check, seeing the different bilges and the engine room. We had bow watch duties and helped the captain steer. Our favorite part of the afternoon was facing our fears and climbing the rig. The view was fantastic. Finally, we calculated the speed of the boat using a unique method of dropping crackers off of the boat, and we learned a brief history of Boston Harbor. It was a great experience to work as a group and start off our week at Summer Pathways.