07/12/09 - Final Days in Boston

Final Days in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts


Today, we started the morning with another deck wash. We planned to stay onboard Roseway for the morning sail, but sadly it was cancelled. We instead went to the USS Constitution. The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warboat in the world. We had to go through security similar to when you go on a plane, though it wasn’t so intense. Then we waited in a very long line to take a tour of the vessel. While waiting in line, Sam read us various facts about the USS Constitution. The boat was under construction so it had a huge grey tarp covering the top deck.

It was as nice tour, though being 5’8” I had to bend my head a lot. We looked around on the gun deck which turns out to be where all the cannons are located. On a boat cannons are called guns.

We went further below to where the crew slept. There wasn’t a lot of room for 500 men to sleep. They all slept in hammocks. I immediately felt grateful for my bunk that has a mattress, pillow, and space for my bags. The line to get back on the boat back to the dock we came from was ridiculously long. It took me awhile to wrap my head around so many people.

We were late for lunch. Very late. We reached the boat by about 1:35. Ate really fast, then we were off. The afternoon sail was completely full, so there wouldn’t really be enough space for us. We walked for about 5 minutes then we arrived at the ICA art museum. It was pretty cool. We started on the top floor, where there was an exhibition of work done by Shepard Fairey. He used a lot of stencils and screen print and spray pain into his art pieces.

On the side of the museum that was facing the harbor, it was all glass, so that you can see the boats and the skyline. We spotted the Roseway, passing by with its beautiful red sails. Many people came up to us to learn more about the boat and what we were doing (the students).

After the museum, we headed back for a quick snack, then we were off again. We went over to the aquarium to look at the seals, then we got lemonade and Italian ices. The lemon stands are everywhere here in Boston. It really made us want lemonade. With lemonade in hand, we walked over to the greenway, which is a series of lawns and gardens where a raised highway used to be. We went to the Long Wharf Marriot to use the restrooms, then we were on our way to meet with the Roseway once again.

Coming up next: Impressions about the 48+ hour trip from Boston to Halifax by Kelsey “Short Leash” of A watch and Eric “Ericski” of B watch!!