07/11/09 - Summer Ambassador Program Day 1

Summer Ambassador Program Day 1

Boston, Massachusetts

Nathanial (AKA: Nate-Dog)

Conditions: sunny, warm, light breeze

Today we started off the day with breakfast and a deck wash. Even though I’ve only washed the deck three or four times so far, it is starting to become a routine. After morning routine, we picked up passengers and went on our first tour or boat ride for the day. After we finished with the ride, which was really fun, we did another deck wash and then ate lunch which was really good. After lunch we set out for a small tour of Boston. The first place we went was to the park where we did an activity and then kicked around a soccer ball. Before we left the park for the Freedom Trail we saw a large statue of George Washington. On the Freedom Trail we went to all of the stops on the trail up until North Church. The tour was fun and informative and also some people even stopped us on the way to ask us about Roseway summer program. When we decided to head back to the boat we stopped at a park along the way to learn how to tie some knots. A couple minutes later we used our knot-tying to attach a bunch of small ropes together into one large jump rope. After we had finished at the park we walked back to the boat which had just arrived from its last ride of the day. We got back to the boat in time for one last deck wash and dinner. So far my time on Roseway has been fun and I’m looking forward to the rest of the trip.