01/09/13 - Luther College Joins Roseway's Crew

Luther College Joins Roseway's Crew

Watch B: Nate, Joel, Ben, Kaitlyn, Rachel, and Mariana

All of us packed into dinghies and headed to the Roseway. For some it was a wetter ride than others; the first group was soaked. As each of the groups arrived onto the boat we took tours and familiarized ourselves with the boat. We learned where all the safety items were and general boat structures. We had a brief orientation and ate some awesome burgers for lunch. After lunch we hoisted the anchor and set sail away from St. Thomas toward St. John. It was a bumpy ride but provided a once in a life time learning experience. Once we arrived at the lagoon we were anchoring in for the night, we lowered the sails, dropped the anchor and dived into the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Most of the Luther students went snorkeling on a nearby reef for about a half an hour while dinner was being prepared. We saw some fish resembling the beloved character “Dory” from the Disney film “Finding Nemo.” For dinner was had breaded chicken, broccoli, bread and potatoes. It was simply delightful! What a wonderful “virgin” day for us all on the Virgin Islands. Now we are wrapping up with evening chores, completing our required readings and getting ready for our first night on the water! We look forward to tomorrow and the adventures it holds.

We are heading into international waters today so it may be a few days until you hear from us again.