01/07/12 - Luther College Joins Roseway

Luther College Joins Roseway

Mary, Aubry, Cailtin Jordan, Jeffrey

We were roused from our slumber at 3am central time to be ready to go to the airport, as our flight left at 6am from Minneapolis. We headed out into the 40 degree weather. Our flight was calm, and most of us slept for the three hour ride. We landed about 9:30 central time and spent the next thirty minutes buying ridiculously expensive airport food. We then proceeded to reboard the same plane we had just left and took off. This flight was also calm, with more sleeping and some reading going on for the 2 hour flight. We disembarked at 3:30, exiting the plane in St Croix via stairs (like the President does). We went through the open air airport through the beautiful stunningly bright sunlight. While we waited for the checked bags many of us shed layers and brought our cameras and sunglasses. We loaded ourselves into couple of taxis. As we started the drive to the Roseway, we found out that they drive on the left side of the road. Whoa! The roads were winding and very narrow, taking us past bright colored houses and free range chickens. But they got us safely there and we met the crew. We quickly split into our three watches, playing games, and touring the ship, looking out for fire extinguishers and flashlights. We cast off the dock and disembarked on our longest journey yet--nearly 250 yards. We ate a delicious meal of chicken rice and broccoli. Now we are taking our sea-sickness pills and getting a good night sleep. Hi to everyone at home.