01/18/12 - Roseway Says Goodbye to Luther College

Roseway Says Goodbye to Luther College

At 5 am on this dark and stormy morning, the 2012 Luther College Tales of the Sea program aboard Roseway officially came to a close as we said goodbye to an outstanding group of students. 12 days sailing Roseway roughly 160 miles between 6 islands, with various hikes, snorkeling excursions and explorations; hundreds of pages of literature and poetry read, discussed and even performed; routine deckwashes, sole scrubbing, and head cleanings; countless dishes washed, knots tied, and lines coiled, it was undoubtably a remarkable program. While unique in it's theme and itinerary, it was clear the mission to inspire and challenge aboard Roseway remained true for this group of midwestern college students. When asked about their most significant lessons learned, they reported the following:

- "The importance of looking past any differences that you might have with someone in order to get things done."

- "Get out of your comfort zone!"

-" The importance of community!"

- "The relationships I have formed and the complexity of the sea and her mysteries."

-"A lot about being comfortable with myself as well as living simply."

-"Stepping out of my comfort zone. Doing things I don't normally do with people I don't really know. Trying and enjoying new things and experiences."

- "How important it is to know people, because they will often surprise you."

- "How to live closely with others. We all live separate lives that are very egocentric, and it is great to have that stripped away to be more group centralized."


-"I am more confident then when put in a situation that is completely new, with the help of others I can succeed."

-"I'm a happier person when I open myself up to meeting new people and have much more fun when I don't care what others think about me."

-" The spirit of the crew: I really admire the whole crew who are so brave and passionate about their job and dreams - this spirit encourages me to fight for my dreams."

- "Just do it! Don't think that there is anything you can't do and let that stop you from trying something new or different."

-"Try everything at least once and don't be afraid to push your comfort zone."

- "How to better socialize and communicate, becoming friends with complete strangers."

While our Luther College crew is on the way back to Iowa, we are now switching gears in anticipation to Rock the Dock Saturday night.