01/18/13 - Luther College - Last Day Aboard Roseway

Luther College - Last Day Aboard Roseway

Today marked our last day on this voyage of the Roseway in the Caribbean Sea with Luther College students. Needless to say, all of us are quite sad to be departing tomorrow bound for snowy, freezing Iowa. The day was amazing with gorgeous weather, sunny skies, clear sailing and some good ‘ole competition. As usual we woke up at 0730 hours to an unusual melody closely resembling the solo number of the “Pirates of Penzance” play we performed for the crew last night. It was quite successful as by the end everyone was peering over their bunks with sleepy eyes to witness Rodney and Ian (Roseway crew) serenading us. After, we had a delightful breakfast of coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, and, of course, coffee. As per usual, Rod kicked butt. After morning chores we gathered our materials and had class discussing David Walcott’s poems on the Caribbean islands. We spoke of the importance of literature, the parasitic aspects of it, and the integrity of the islands. Next, we hoisted the largest main sail on the East coast (no big deal), and set sail bound for St. Thomas. We had a good long morning sail on the open seas where we saw a giant sea turtle. He was beautiful. After a lunch of burrito casserole we had our deckhand Olympics. These games consisted of three categories; coils, knots, and pins. We all excelled in the areas, but in the end, the C Watch took the gold medal. We anchored in the harbor at around 1500 hours. The afternoon was relaxed- some people swam, others read and napped, but we all showered! A group of us played the famous WWC- Water Wiffle-ball Cricket. It was awesomeeee! For dinner, Rod whipped out a delicious chicken dumpling. Now people are working on chores and soon we will have the closing ceremony. I hope there are no tears! I know I speak on behalf of Luther when I say we are all very sad to go, but re thankful for the wonderful time spent and friends made aboard Roseway! Her majestic, aging body has been a tool for education, hard work, laughs, fun in the sun, good stories and life long memories! We began our journey in a hotel at the top of a hill on St. Thomas island overlooking the bay and beautiful Caribbean and we end our journey on the sea now looking onto the land upon which we began this adventure. As the sun sets and we reflect on the past ten days we are eternally thankful to the Roseway crew, the boat herself, and the Caribbean Sea for her endless opportunity and mystery! Until next time!