01/18/15 - A Day at Bay

A Day at Bay

Day 7

Today was a chill day. We woke up and followed breakfast with our sonnets from the previous night’s anchor watch. It was a change of pace compared to the humorous writings we had been doing before. It’ll be cool to have them all put together into a sonnet cycle, and then printed out and distributed—a cool memento from the trip. The crew also enjoyed the sonnet readings. Then, we had a class discussion about the Equiano and Cugoano readings. The material was more solemn than the other readings, but it was a good preview for our afternoon visiting the ruins of a sugar plantation. It was definitely a worthwhile discussion and assignment, as it prepared us for the visit. Additionally, it was something that many people did not associate with the islands or the ocean---all the slavery and plantations that had been there previously. The ruins were very interesting, but also a more solemn experience. It was very humbling to note how we were walking where slave once walked and suffered. Enough of the buildings were left that we were able to picture what once had been there. After we had wandered around the ruins, we spent some time trying to lure tarantulas out of their holes to get a picture, but most of them were too shy to fully emerge. We also took a really great group photo in front of a panorama view of the sea and some of the islands. It was a great outlook over the bay, and was probably the most complete picture we have taken so far, with all the students and much of the crew. After lunch, everyone went to a beautiful beach. We spent the afternoon playing Frisbee, hunting for hermit crabs, swimming, napping, reading, and walking up and down the half mile stretch of sand. A home for the hermit crabs was constructed, and Lily got pinched by one. A lot of people also ventured out to a huge rock in the bay and snorkeled around it—people saw sting rays and octopi. The tide came in as we were leaving, and flooded one of the little boats. Most of us haven’t gotten dock rock too badly yet. Compared to the first morning, everyone is so much more excited. Everyone is more comfortable with each other and has gotten used to the routine of activities, meals, and chores. The structure is nice, and we always have some time after dinner to wind down with reading, writing, cards, and music. It’s a good time to reflect upon everything we have done and seen that day. The boat has quickly become a space that is familiar and happy. Nobody struggles to get up in the morning—everyone is always eager to start the day. The first couple of days, everyone was uptight and sitting still and quietly, but one of these past days, everyone suddenly switched gears into being more talkative and comfortable. It’s been really fun getting to know all of the crew members—they have so much to offer, and they’re all a lot of fun. The more extended time period has allowed us all to get so close and experience so much together. Weather is still warm and sunny, and the food is still awesome. We’ve stayed at the same anchorage twice, and Hannah ate some vegetables today.