01/18/14 - Mayday!


Watch A: The Alpha Dogs (Mark, Jane, Sam, Alayna, and Taryn)

We want to build a snowman. Just kidding, we want to stay here. Today on this ninth day of our voyage upon the Roseway, after a delicious breakfast from Sue, we set sail. We sailed straight for about six hours. During that time, we worked on our seaman-ship: tying knots, learning the pins, and navigating the waters. One of the highlights for the day was seeing a couple pods of dolphins! They jumped and followed the boat for a while, luring us to gaze at their graceful swimming. When we finally made it to St. Croix, we jumped into the water to go snorkeling at a nearby beach and reef. As we approached, we quickly realized that the beach was surrounded by rocks and sea urchins! It was physically impossible for us to reach the beach without endangering ourselves of being poked by the urchins. So we tried to call “Mayday!” but it took a while for anybody to notice that we needed to be picked up and boated back to the Roseway. After finally making it safely back to the Roseway, C-Watch got to climb up the rigging after a whole day of anticipation. We are still having a blast and can’t believe that tomorrow is already our last full day aboard the Roseway!

P.S. During dishes, our team continued to be the Human Juke Boxes of the Ship!