01/17/12 - Watch A Reports in from St. Croix

Watch A Reports in from St. Croix

Watch A: Ingrid B., Kelsey, Allie, Xueli, Zak, and Matt

Sadly, today was our last day onboard the Roseway. We woke up at the usual time, had breakfast, and did our chores. After battling with an unusual rain storm for a couple hours we prepared for the Deckhand Olympics. Each watch group has worked hard over the last ten days preparing for the games. The groups competed in knot tying, rope coiling, and identifying all of the rigging and lines on the ship. Watch group A was victorious. After the Olympics we got ready for the last adventure of our trip. We got into groups of four and hopped into off-road Jeeps. We embarked on a 3 hour trip across the entire island of St. Croix. The journey included stops at beaches, the jungle, and mountain tops. We had quite the experience as the Jeeps flew along unpaved roads, through large pools of water, and along steep cliffs. After finishing our ride we had a couple hours to explore the St. Croix boardwalk and check out the town's shops, bars, and restaurants. Once back on the Roseway we had our last meal as a group and were surprised with ice cream by the crew. After tonight's closing ceremonies we will pack up our bags in preparation for our long journey back to Decorah tomorrow!