01/17/13 - Small Boat Sailing in Coral Bay

Small Boat Sailing in Coral Bay

As our time on the Roseway draws to a close, crew members are taking advantage of all opportunities provided them. Today, that meant small boat sailing. By 0900, dinghies from the KATS (Kids And The Sea) organization found their way to the Roseway. Within 20 minutes, Luther students and KATS instructors were on the water sailing Sunfish.

For those of you who have never seen a Sunfish sailboat, imagine a canoe. Not an overly big canoe, just an average one. Now add a mast, sail, line to sheet in the sail, and a rudder. These vessels are great training devices for beginning sailors, and their capsizing ability is great fun for passengers. After the initial training session, several students including Ashley, Robert, Joel, Chase, and Ben opted to solo sail. Several more partnered up and sailed together.

Some of the students opted out of sailing and spent the afternoon on shore. This included swimming and talking about life after Roseway and school. Lots of plans have been made and it will be interesting to see what unfolds. Another joy to the afternoon was the presence of a little 2 year old boy named Audi. He has the perfect British accent that just melts your heart. He spent 2 minutes teaching Dylan and Kelsey K how to “tie a knot”, which consisted of him wrapping a line around and making it pretty. After a while, it was his nap time, and he just passed out right on the beach. Everyone thought he was the cutest thing of the day.

Back on the Roseway, it was time for the 3 S’s, (swimming, snorkeling, and showering). A few went snorkeling and reported back the findings of fish and secrets of the sea. Others swam a lap around the Roseway and took pictures from the water. Everyone was grateful for a shower though.

After swimming and drying off, Ryan took another leap in the sea, to chase after his book that fell in the sea! It was quite the picture as he jumped in, and lost his pen in the process. People were shouting directions of where everything was from the ship and he just got confused. Success was reached however! The book is drying currently with no lasting damage and the pen still writes!

Nap time became a part of the day before dinner as well. Scattered around the ship were different piles of people sleeping the exhaustion away.

As the sun drops below the horizon, our awareness of our time on the Roseway is quickly coming to an end. Some of us have debated what we miss about home. Significant others are high up there, flush toilets a close second (the one pump kind, not the 30 pump), showers in third, then Ipods. To make up for the last one, our crew has taken to breaking out in song at every available opportunity. Even as they work, strains of Sweet Caroline, Disney Songs, and other pop hits sound around the ship.

To all of our Luther friends and families, we love you, we miss you, and we’ll be home for Groundhog’s Day.