01/16/14 - Tales of the Sea in St. John

Tales of the Sea in St. John

Watch B: Allison, Alanna, Kate, Kai, Walker, Matt

Today we went on a nature hike in St. Johns National Park, on the Reef Bay trail! The hike started with a drive up the hill in an open cab taxi. We got a taste of the windy narrow Virgin Island roads. During the hike our guide, Laurel, showed us various plants such as the Bay Rum tree (which smells amazing), Genip trees, and Locus trees (which had fruit we got to try!). She also showed us wildlife such as Hermit Crabs, Crawfish, Land Crabs, Mongoose, Anole, Golden Orb Spiders (whose webs are five times the strength of steel), bats, and acid spitting Millipedes. We got to explore ruins of the sugar cane factories and learned about the history of slavery on the island. We stopped for lunch and saw 3,000 year old petroglyphs from the islands earliest inhabitants, the Taino people. After our hike we spent some time at a local beach where we saw Stingrays, Iguanas, Turtles, Angelfish, and other various fish. Some people tossed a Frisbee while others relaxed and washed their hair. Tonight we enjoyed an amazing dinner prepared by our lovely chef Sue! We had Chicken Pot Pie and Rice! Tomorrow we are going to visit an archeological site and the Anneburg Ruins and we cannot even contain our excitement!