01/15/12 - Watch B Reports in from Norman Island

Watch B Reports in from Norman Island

Watch B: Ingrid F., Lydia, Erika, Evan, and Willie

We had a glorious day in the sunshine and ocean. Early this morning, we awoke to find two ginormous cruise ships across the Road Harbor in Tortola. Then we had breakfast and bonded with our fellow dudes and dudettes. Our class discussion consisted of talking about The Tempest by William Shakespeare. We broke up into small groups to dissect the meaning of various passages in the first two acts. We are performing select scenes from The Tempest, starting tomorrow night. The cast list will be posted tonight during night watch, which we are so excited for!! After class we set sail for Norman Island, the inspiration for Robert Lewis Stevenson's Treasure Island. There was a major downpour for approximately five minutes while we were sailing, which made us feel like real sailors! When we finally arrived at Norman Island, we set up for the best lunch ever!! Our lovely chef had made salad and baked potatoes with all of the fixings you could ever want. Lunch time is a glorious time for us here on the Roseway because it gives us a time to talk to everyone and just chillax. Then we got our swimsuits on and set out to snorkel in the surrounding caves. Thankfully we got started before two boats full of tourists came to invade our area. We snorkeled around in small groups and got to see colorful fish and sea life. The list of things that we saw is as follows: sea slugs, crabs, cuttle fish, needle fish, baracudas, nemo fish, dory fish, and fish that we don't know the names of. We all got tired after about two hours so then we came back to swim and "shower" in the ocean. We then got dressed up all snazzy and took pictures (well as snazzy as you can look on The Roseway). Tonight we went out to dinner on the Willy-T, which is a boat/restaurant in a bay of Norman Island.Dinner was delicious and we had a marvelous time with the whole crew!! It finally felt like we were living the island life since we got to dance and eat with so many different people who were sailing in the Caribbean.Overall, this was probably the best day ever!!! :)