01/15/13 - Bound for U.S. Waters

Bound for U.S. Waters

Viva la French toast! The morn greeted us with golden-brown slices of french toast and syrup. It was delicious. The warm sun kissed our faces as we munched on this breakfast superbly crafted by Rod. After said feast we broke into our watches and completed morning chores. We are quickly learning the ropes of the chores and it is becoming a bonding experience with the crew. Next we mustered and read the metaphoric poems of the sea which had been written during the previous night watches. There were a variety of metaphors comparing the sea with women, love, beating hearts, diamonds, sapphires etc. It is safe to say that the Luther crew is quickly falling more in love with the sea with each passing day. She is mesmerizing and we understand why people are called back. After the reading we had class discussing David Walcott’s poem called “Sea Grapes.” We talked about obsession versus responsibility and the tension the two possess. The Roseway crew contributed to the conversation and it was great to get their perspectives. We spoke of the purpose of life and finding the desired balance. Finally, we hoisted the sails and took off bound for Cruz Bay on St. John’s Island. When we arrived, we spent the majority of the afternoon enjoying the town, shopping and hangin’ out. At about 1700 hours the Roseway crew came back to the ship to indulge in a taco Tuesday dinner. We were all very delighted by this as Luther College back home has a taco Tuesday as well. Once again Rod kicked butt! After dinner, as expected, we had evening chores and muster. Another splendid day spent on the Caribbean!