01/15/14 - Back Into U.S. Waters

Back Into U.S. Waters

Again, we've been out of range for the last few days so here's an update on what we've been up to:

January 14th C Watch: Anne, Micki, Phil, Jenna and Colin

We were so busy yesterday small boat sailing at the Bitter End Sailing School that we didn’t have time to write a log. We had a great time working with the sailing instructors and were able to practice all of the sail theory that we have been learning from the Roseway crew. After a fun day of sailing, we had some time on shore and danced the night away. This morning dawned early despite the absence of anchor watches last night. We left the Bitter End Yacht Club’s pier and set the sails to the awe of the entire harbor and one persistent photographer. As we were underway we had class time during which we were challenged to think about ourselves while thinking about ourselves while thinking about ourselves. We stopped in Road Town briefly and saw a dolphin. We then snorkeled off of Norman Island inside of caves. Snorkeling showed us an abundance of wildlife including one giant, clawless lobster. We had some seamanship time onboard and we all loved learning about navigation and plotting our location on a chart (not a map). Tonight for dinner we ate at Willy T’s restaurant which was delicious and the lack of dishes to wash was appreciated by all. We are so excited to continue our quest.

January 15th: The Alpha Dogs: Taryn, Jane, Alayna, Sam, and Mark

On this, the seventh day of our voyage aboard the Roseway, we went snorkeling at the Indians, off the coast of Norman Island. Fun fact, Norman Island is the island in the famous novel Treasure Island. We saw lots of cool fish and coral among the crevices of the rock formation that juts out of the water. Later in the day, we sailed to Cruz Bay, and checked into U.S. customs. We spent a warm, sunny day touring the city. Most of us enjoyed a delicious fresh fruit smoothie or two, and tossed a bit of disc on the island, as well as played on the playground. We boarded the boat and had another amazing dinner. During dishes, A Team serenaded the crew with our lovely songs, which we think they thoroughly enjoyed. We saw a gorgeous sunset across the water, and the full moon rise on the other side of the ship.