01/14/12 - Watch A Reports in from Tortola

Watch A Reports in from Tortola

Watch A: Ingrid B., Kelsey, Allie, Xueli, Zak, Matt

As usual, we awoke at sunrise and hauled the sails for our journey from Virgin Gorda to Tortola. We ate another delicious breakfast in preparation for an exciting day of discovering the joys of small boat sailing, which tied in brilliantly with our class reading for the day, "The Joys of Small Boat Sailing" by Jack London. When we reached port we piled into the dinghys and headed for shore where we met with a few instructors who showed us how to maneuver our small boats. And "small" isn't an exaggeration--the boats could only hold up to two people, were no longer than ten feet in length, with the boom no higher than eye level for most. This caused a few problems while tacking and some of us have the battle wounds to prove it. At first figuring out how to sail our own individual boats was difficult, and everyone had their turn in the water regardless of their prior experience, but by the end of the day we could all easily navigate our way around the harbor, weaving in and out of the other ships anchored there. As a thank you to the owners of the company who owned the small boats, KATS (Kids and The Sea), we took a few students from the island on a sunset sail to show them what we could do. Although the kids knew quite a bit already about sailing, we were able to teach them some of our own newfound knowledge. It was another great day on the Roseway!