01/14/13 - Sailing Jost Van Dyke

Sailing Jost Van Dyke

Hello from Jost van Dyke. Today was a full day of sailing from Beef Island to the Bubbly Pools on Jost. The Bubbly Pools are little tide pools found among the rocks on the coast. Waves come crashing in and take anyone sitting in the water for a rough and tumble ride. We ended the day on the island sitting around on the dock outside Foxy’s Taboo. Plus, Kelsey R got to see her boyfriend’s cousin. It was a great surprise, and there were many stories swapped.

Some of the Luther students got to climb up into the rigging. Man, there’s a view up there. Plus a few shaky knees. The wind bounced us all around the higher and higher we got. No whales were spotted sadly, or animals of any kind actually. Just boats and islands, and lots and lots of sea. The sea was this beautiful light turquoise, a color that even the captain commented on.

Ended the night with another fabulous meal by Rod, rice and beans with cornbread. (Ryan helped flip sausage. Apparently Rod never lets anyone touch his meat.) Almost everyone went back for seconds. Another night of anchor watches. Should be an interesting night. Everyone seems to be starting to lose steam. 4 ½ days left with the Luther students on board. There was some talk tonight about what everyone was missing back home. Common answers were boyfriends/girlfriends, showers, bathrooms, pets, and tv. We’ll all be sad to leave, but excited to return home with millions of stories for family and friends.

Missing everyone back home!

Signed the A-team,

Kelsey K, Kelsey R, Robert S, Ryan B, Nick G, Ryan B, and Sarah S