01/13/12 - Watch C Reports in from Virgin Gorda

Watch C Reports in from Virgin Gorda

Jordan, Jeff, Caitlin, Mary, Aubrey

Today was an early day. We woke up at 7 to raise anchor and set sail for Virgin Gorda. While sailing we spent our time reading and reflecting, learning and practicing seamanship, going out to the bowsprit (for those that don't know the bowsprit is the beam that goes out the front of the boat), getting a chance to steer at the helm, boat checks, bow watch, and relaxing. We sailed up the Sir Francis Drake Channel with the wind due on our nose so our voyage was full of tacking. The sail was about six hours. We sailed by the island that treasure island is based off of and also Dead Chest Island (Thirteen men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum). When we arrived at our destination we layed anchor and dinghied over to The Baths and bailed out into water that was over our heads and rode the waves into the beach. Then we began exploring the area. Some of our brave souls hiked all around the giant rocks that made up The Baths and came away with many little cuts and bruises. There's no need to worry though, no one got seriously injured. We saw some great views as well while climbing around the rocks. The other people who didn't go exploring and hiking relaxed on the beach and found some cool caves where the sun reflected around the cave and lit it up. The weather was amazing and all of us got very "tan." After getting back from our excursion we moved the ship over to a different area where the swells were a little more calm and then we partook in an amazingly delicious meat loaf dinner. Afterwards we enjoyed doing our evening chores and reading puns that we wrote on our anchor watch the night before. Then it was lights out at 21.