01/13/13 - Norman Island and the Willy T

Norman Island and the Willy T

Watch C: Ashley, Dylan, Chase, Zach, and Audrey

Waking up this morning, it was a very nice day. Unfortunately, we had to do “soles and bowls” today- washing the toilets and the floors. We also read our riddles that we wrote last night. They were all incredibly clever! After that, we sailed from Beef Island (where we were anchored last night) to the Indians, where we snorkeled a ways away from land. We got a chance to look at a lot of coral and fish. There was a cave in the coral and most of us got a chance to swim through it. We saw some “Dory” fish and a sea turtle! The turtle was about 3 feet in diameter, and we got a lot of pictures from the boat. After snorkeling there, we sailed just a few minutes away to Norman Island, the place that Treasure Island was based on. We got to snorkel through caves there and see more coral and a whole bunch of schools of fish. We then sailed just a few more minutes to the other side of the island where we are anchored for the night and we’ll be headed in to eat at Willy T’s soon!