01/12/12 - Watch B Reports In from Jost Van Dyke

Watch B Reports In from Jost Van Dyke

Watch B: Ingrid F, Lydia, Erika, Evan, and Willie

After waking up this morning on the cost of St. John, we performed our 'nautical raps' that we wrote during anchor watch last night. Every rap was hilarious, from nautical terms, to costumes made out of sailing line. Right after morning chores, we set sail for a short trip to over the first BVI (British Virgin Islands) island of our trip, Jost Van Dike. After going through costumes with success, we then headed over to the Bubbly Pool. This is a place on Jost Van Dike, not to far from Foxy's Taboo, one of the island's restaurants, that is a small pool of sea water that comes through the rock. About the size of a small pool, the waves come crashing in through and fill the pool each time. A very beautiful and peaceful spot. Unfortunately the tide was quite low today ands so we had to go exploring in the areas to try and find some better spots to experience the natural jets that the Bubbly Pools created. Part of our time in the Bubbly Pools involved finding a small sea urchin and a chiton (a small mollusk). These we passed around and got to feel both try and grab onto our hands, much to the horror and excitement of us. Our final event was going to Foxy's Taboo for some cocktails and then a quick swim off of the Roseway followed by a delicious BBQ Chicken dinner. Tomorrow we plan to sail to Virgin Gorda. This day was utterly fabulous!!! Thanks to the best group and crew ever! :)