01/12/13 - The Baths at Virgin Gorda

The Baths at Virgin Gorda

Ahoy! The day has been a shnazy one to say the least. We started off our day with a delicious breakfast from our wonderful cook Rod. We haven’t had a meal that hasn’t wowed us yet. Afterwards we had a glorious rendition of the poem that we created the evening before, during our night watches. The time of day during our creation lent an interesting topic for our work. Afterwards we had morning chores, a continual joy to us all. Then we hoisted all four sails of this beautiful schooner and let her fly across the water toward the Virgin Gorda, the Baths. While en route we split into our watches A,B, or C and did our rotations. The rotations consisted of reading and relaxation, nautical skills and navigation, and boat watch and check. We had a wonderful time hanging out in the engine room and watched over the bow and we even spent a large bit of our time reading Youth by Joseph Conrad. ‘Twas glorious! Upon arrival at the Virgin Gorda, the Baths we had lunch! Rod made us a spiffy meal of baked potatoes with a variety of toppings; it was reeeeeally something. Soon we jumped on the dinghy and cruised on over to the beautiful shores of the Virgin Gorda where we spent the majority of the afternoon. There we played in the sand and salty water on the beach and in the caves. We also had a chance to eat some sugary snacks at the nearby restaurant/bar. As we left the island, we were accompanied by a refreshing light rain. Getting into the dinghys required coordination some of us lacked resulting in submersion into the ocean. WETNESS! When we got back onto the boat we showered, cleaned up the deck and had class. Class brought about the discussion about alienation of humans, a modernist view: Hemingway. After class we sailed to our destination where we anchored yesterday evening. During transit we learned about the different pins on the bow and other various parts. This is in preparation for our Watch A, B and C nautical battle! When we arrived we prepared for dinner-which was positively delicious. We had homemade pizza and spaghetti. Finishing dinner we all split into our watches to accomplish our evening chores. We had a pile of dishes to scrub, but all helped and it was well worth what our taste buds experienced. Tonight will include studying for our nautical battles, reading, writing and enjoying one another’s company. Today was a great day aboard the Roseway!