01/11/13 - Poems at Beef Island, Tortola

Poems at Beef Island, Tortola

This morning started with another fabulous meal by Rod, consisting of sticky rolls and bagels. During our active watch, our crew enjoyed an adventure atop the bowsprit, complemented by Ryan Barrett taking the helm and Kelsey K., Kelsey R., and Nick G. going on a boat check. All hands agreed that riding the bowsprit was amazing, and we reenacted the Titanic pose (where Jack holds Rose above the bowsprit. Well, minus the holding. And Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t on board. But we did hold our arms out to the side.) Robert stood bow watch, ensuring that we didn’t run into other vessels.

Boat Watch A also had a reading and reflection time. Kelsey K. practiced the knots learned yesterday and Robert read a book on knots, successfully tying a clove hitch one handed. Ryan spent time reading After the Storm by Hemingway, and Kelsey R. attempted a slumber on deck while watching for other vessels. Novel went and did his own thing. During our seamanship lessons, we all learned to take a bearing, plot our position on a chart, and read the charts.

We dropped anchor just off shore of Beef Island, where we snorkeled amongst the exotic sea life. (No cows, just fish.) Marine biology lesson for the day: sea urchins are bad and so are lion fish. However, all the exotic colored fish are beautiful to behold. After snorkeling, some of us took ocean bath.

Dinner was tilapia, homemade honey mustard sauce, homemade bread, potatoes, gravy, and green beans. (Notice the abundance of “homemade”) For having a galley a miniscule fraction the size of Sodexo’s kitchen, Rod never ceases to amaze. Every meal set before us is delicious, and all of us go back for more.

Awesome Possum

The sunset was pretty

As we looked outside

Even though our feet were gritty

We were satisfied

To any Luther cohorts or family that may read this, we miss you and hope you are excited for our adventures.