01/10/13 - From Maho Bay to Jost Van Dyke to Tortola

From Maho Bay to Jost Van Dyke to Tortola

Watch C: Chase, Audrey, Zach, Dylan, Ashley, Ian, and Rodney

Last night we had our first anchor watches. They were one hour shifts where we checked on the boat and wrote a letter from one character of the Odyssey to another about our current voyage. When we read them this morning they were hilarious.

We woke to have a great breakfast and do morning chores. There was plenty of rain today. We waited in an attempt to avoid the rain but as soon as we started getting ready to set sail it began raining again and continued for most of our voyage to Jost Van Dyke. Once we arrived at Jost Van Dyke we waiting while our captain cleared us for customs because we are now in British waters. For lunch we had a delicious meal of pork chops and potatoes. While at Jost van Dyke, we explored the strip and then went swimming. Getting back to the boat that afternoon we took our first showers on the boat and set sail again, this time for Tortola. The water was much choppier this time and, as Watch C, we got our first chance to do boat checks and bow watches—made especially exciting by the rolling waves!

Right now we are writing the ships log—it’s important to document that since you may have had no idea. After supper we’ll be going into Tortola for a while after we do more chores. While there we’ll get the chance to swim, explore the shops and see some more of the culture. We’ll also have our second round of night watches. Maybe with some practice we’ll all get better at falling asleep quickly once our shifts are over.