Human Ecology Aboard Roseway: College of the Atlantic

Human Ecology Aboard Roseway: College of the Atlantic

Bar Harbor, ME

Friday, October 1  

If there's one thing we love more than sailing, it's inviting students into the world of tall ships. This morning, we welcomed 20 students and professors from College of the Atlantic aboard our beloved tall ship for a hands-on introduction to some of the logistical, cultural, and interpersonal dynamics at play aboard Roseway.

The students came to us with a variety of interests—some involved in waterfront activities at the college, others studying education and curious to see our programming in action—but they are all working to complete an interdisciplinary course of study in Human Ecology: "the investigation of the relations between humans and their environments." Tall ships like Roseway not only reflect a long history of maritime history and culture but provide living examples of the ways crewmates continue to work together and problem-solve on a daily basis.

We launched this morning's program by challenging students to participate right away, getting hands on lines to haul, sweat, and coil down under the instruction of crew members until the ship was underway and the students were left to breathlessly take in what they'd just accomplished together. After giving an introduction to our community values and a brief tour of the ship, our deckhand educators led the students in a tacking drill and followed up with a discussion on the role of communication and other team dynamics at play in students' experience of the drill.

Out of nowhere, Captain Flansburg announced a Man Overboard drill and students observed while the crew took their assigned roles to rescue the dummy safely and quickly. Once our soccer ball "Oscar" was back on board and wrapped in a warm blanket to recover from his ordeal, crew members led a reflection on students' reactions to the drill and gave a more formal introduction to the element of seafaring safety protocol they had just seen in action: the Roseway station bill.

After wrapping up their time on board with a navigation and voyage-planning lesson, the students assisted the crew in lowering sails and finally returned to the dock. It was a pleasure to sail with such thoughtful and enthusiastic students—College of the Atlantic, we hope to visit your beautiful Bar Harbor home to sail with you again soon!