05/08/20 - Flexibility is Key

Flexibility is Key

Gloucester Marine Railways

While we've seen tremendous progress in yard thus far, our small but mighty team has been reduced due to a local need for skilled marine workers. Some of the GMR crew's efforts have been rerouted to a barge that ran aground just south of Boston. This rerouting of human power has reduced the number of projects "running" at once and has also delayed our crew getting their hands on smaller (but essential) materials like paint. With that said, the remaining crew will continue to work on the cabin top, waste tank, chain plate, and shaft realignment projects through the weekend. Additionally, Roseway's sails continue to receive repair and her cutlass bearing is out for servicing. 

Because of Roseway's 12.5 foot draft (the distance between the waterline and the bottom of the hull), she can only be splashed on high tides. It's now likely we'll miss the favorable tide window early next week, but GMR is willing to work with us to splash at the next available opportunity, even if that means splashing her in the middle of the night. When she does splash, there will be a phase where the hull re-swells and the ship settles back into the water. We'll gently ease her back into work! We are grateful for GMR's flexibility and the resilience of our crew in the midst of this bump in the road.