02/08/15 - Pearl B Larsen Students Set Sail

Pearl B Larsen Students Set Sail

This past week, both Pearl B. Larsen 5th grade classes spent mornings and afternoons sailing, becoming a part of the Roseway crew. Students participated in dockside team and trust building activities before boarding the ship each day. While underway, students learned about importnt topics in science, math and the humanities. They were excited to partake in these hands-on lessons and found many similarities between what they were learning on Roseway and what they are currently learning in the 5th grade classroom. Each day, students increased their responsibilities and really felt like they had become a part of the crew. At the end of the week, students said that some of their favorite parts included steering at the helm with Captain Tom, climbing the rig, having a knot tying competition, and learning new science topics that all apply to sailing. The Roseway crew also learned a lot from these inquisitive and brave 5th graders as they watched them learn many new things and conquer their fears.