02/28/14 - Sailing, Christopher Columbus Style

Sailing, Christopher Columbus Style

This morning our last group of students involved in the National Park Service pilot program (excited 6th graders from St. Croix public elementary schools) boarded Roseway as they took a voyage towards Salt River Bay, just like Columbus and his crew did in 1493. Students learned about Columbus' expedition and his approach to Salt River from the perspective of a crew member. They learned the importance of navigation and how technology today helps us get to where we want to go, as well as navigation tools that we still use from the 15th century. As students learned about buoyancy, trade routes, local ecology and the physics behind sailing, they also became proud crew members. Students showed expertise in our core values of teamwork and communication as they worked alongside the Roseway crew. All of these students will also participate in a program with the National Park Service that allows them to approach Salt River on foot and learn more about the culture during that time and the importance of national parks. We loved working with the 6th graders and we hope to see them all back on Roseway again!