02/25/11 - Bittersweet Fridays on Roseway

Bittersweet Fridays on Roseway

Seventh graders, Vanessa and Adrian are in control at the helm today! Winds and seas are up but these guys aren't worried. It's day five of their program on board and by now they are pretty sure they could sail us around the world.

From the foredeck, poetry of the sea is streaming forth. Rainella has this to say in her poem:

The waves crash on the sail boat's side, ready for another exciting ride. Sky blue, azure, oh, oh, oh, the perfect cure. For a boring day, what cheer they bring, Me, the birds, the whales' sing. What a great feeling, to all beings. To know the wave's are nice and strong.

Friday's are always bittersweet. Our students often feel really sad about their week on board ending, particularly because most of them won't be able to sail with us again until next year. But we celebrate an awesome week and hope that they'll come back with their families to join us for a sunset sail before Roseway heads north in May.