02/21/14 - A Wet Day at Sea

A Wet Day at Sea

A and B Watch members

This morning we woke up at around 7:30. We brushed our teeth, did some stretches, and set sail. While we were eating breakfast we saw a double rainbow! After breakfast, B watch had the morning watch. Designated JWO (junior watch officer) Lauren, assigned the first rotations. Nobody was able to stay dry due to the huge swells, especially if you were on bow watch. While B watch was on the morning watch, A watch had another lesson from Captain Jack on celestial navigation. We figured out the geographical position of the sun at celestial noon and then used that information to find out where we were. After Captain Jack’s lesson several girls from A watch put on harnesses and went out on the bowsprit. I think everyone can agree that this was the highlight of the trip so far. Even though we got soaked and it was scary at first, the excitement and thrill of sitting 15 feet up while flying up and down through the waves is amazing. After that we ate Della’s delicious barbecue sandwiches for lunch. The A watch went on watch, led by JWO, Caroline. B watch went to Captain Jack’s lesson. It rained a little bit but everyone was already soaked form the huge waves. At 1900 we ate dinner and did chores before going to bed for a well deserved long night of sleep. We will wake up during the night for anchor watch. We are excited for the adventure that awaits us tomorrow.