02/20/14 - Whales Ho!

Whales Ho!

Watch: Auburn, Lili, Elizabeth, Annie, Alison, Lauren, Avery, Maria, Sarah

Hello land lovers, Last night we all did anchor watch. It was extremely beautiful because there was no light pollution and the stars were out. We were able to spot Orion, Polaris, Casiopia, the Big and Little Dog,the Celestial G and many more. We were anchored next to the Spanish Virgin Islands. This morning we woke up to the crew screaming “I’m a star.” Some say it was a fun way to wake up but others disagreed. Then A was on the watch from 8am to 1pm so we got to take lessons with Sarah S. She talked about the physics of lift, types of boats and points of sail. We also got to make turks heads, which is a type of bracelet with special boat rope. Next, we had a class on bearings with Captain Jack. During that lesson Elizabeth spotted a pod of whales. It was so cool to see whales in real life. Captain Dwight had the crew tack the boat so we could get a closer look. For lunch we enjoyed some peanut butter and jelly on homemade bread. After lunch we were on watch. We switched from boat checks, helm watch, mid watch, and bow watch. While on bow watch Avery got pooped on by a brown breasted booby. For dinner we ate pasta with some pepperoni sauce with garlic rolls. It was very good. Time for shut eye. Xoxo.