02/20/14 - February 19: Climbing Aloft at Sea

February 19: Climbing Aloft at Sea

A watch- Grayson, Nicole, Charlotte, Sydney, Mena, McCrae, Caroline, Liza, Emily

A Watch started out 7-12pm. We had curry chicken and garlic knots with pineapple upside down cake for dessert. We switched duties in pairs between bow watch, helm, boat check and midship watch. It started to rain a little bit. We also watched the moon rise; it was really pretty! We identified constellations and saw several shooting stars. We then went to sleep for about 3 hours ans then woke up at 4 for our next on watch shift. Everyone got soaked no matter where they were on the boat. Captain Dwight gave us chocolate because we didn't get cookies, which was amazing. The sun also rose in the middle of our watch, which was really cool. When we went to wake up B Watch, we told them that we were at Puerto Rico and everyone believed it except Annie. But then, later on, when we woke up after our off shift, we actually were! We anchored and everyone climbed all the way to the top of the rigging! Some of us were scared and nervous, especially Charlotte, but she could not wait to get all the way to the top once we started singing One Direction! We all had a blast cheering each other on and watching Dr.Davis take selfies at the top. A couple hours later we went swimming and cleaned ourselves off. It made us feel like new people! Now we are preparing for dinner in the main salon and getting ready for tonight's anchor watches.