02/18/14 - Maybe a Whale?

Maybe a Whale?

Watch B: Annie, Eli, Auburn, Lili, Maria, Lauren, Sarah, Alison, Avery

This morning we woke up after a good night's sleep being anchored near St John. Last night, in pairs, we all had hour and a half watches, so we caught up a little bit on sleep. We had a great breakfast consisting of oatmeal with cranberries, bananas, and pumpkin muffins. While A watch was on duty, B watch had time to braid hair, journal and soak up the sun. Then at 12:30, we are lunch which was tuna wraps, macaroni salad, and choc chip cookies (and peanut butter for glutten free). After lunch, we were on duty. During this time, we saw flying fish, a turtle, and maybe a whale. We also plotted our location using celestial navigation. We washed the deck, did boat checks, and all took turns on bow watch and helm (steering the boat). Just so you know, from running the boat checks, we know that everything is running smoothly. Now we are absorbing the sunshine, watching the sunset, and getting ready for another delicious meal. Spirits are rising as the sun is setting.