02/17/14 - Drake Channel

Drake Channel

A Watch: Grayson, Nicole, Charlotte, Sydney, Mena, McRae, Caroline, Liza, Emily, Rhet

Last night we were woken up for dinner at 18:30. We had pasta, salad, rolls, watermelon, and cookies. Most of us ate on deck because we were pretty seasick. Then at 19:00 we started our night watch. Liza and Emily started out on bow watch. We saw some bioluminescence and due to our in-depth course on the stars we were able to find the Celestial G on our own. Caroline, McCrae, and Charlotte took the helm for a little bit. They also watched the bioluminescence and worked on spotting the constellations. Each person did several boat-checks. Boat checks involve checking the water level of the bilges and making sure everything in the engine room is normal and working. When our watch ended at midnight, everyone went to bed for four hours until our next watch. When we were woken up we were told to put on our safety harnesses and our wind-breakers. We rotated stations again and woke Della up 05:00 to make breakfast. When breakfast was almost ready we woke up B watch. While B watch was eating we cleaned the deck. For breakfast we ate bananas, banana muffins, and oatmeal. After eating and cleaning our dishes we brushed our teeth and went back to bed at 8:00. Until 13:00 we slept, wrote in our journals, and read. When our watch began we rotated stations for a while; one of the stations was with Captain Jack learning about celestial navigation. Today we sailed through the British Virgin Islands, it was beautiful. We had some more down time during our watch to write our report and write in our journals. Today the weather has been a lot calmer; it is not too cold and not too hot and there is a great breeze.