02/16/13 - Still Feeling the Love in St. Croix

Still Feeling the Love in St. Croix

St Croix continues to impress us with its beautiful vibrant island culture. More amazing than this setting however, is how impressed we are by all the students we’ve had on board. Today we said good bye to our most recent class from Ricardo Richards Elementary School. We enjoyed a great week of sailing, education, and team work with 25 students. The students wowed us with their enthusiasm for the lessons, wit, and general cheerfulness. They pick up on ship vocabulary and we can’t seem to do enough “I’m-a-Stars” every morning.

These week-long, three-hour programs each day let us get to know the kids better than single day programs. Additionally, the opportunity of having the kids come back each day allows the crew to build on themes like trust and communication and also provides the chance to delve deeper into more complex subjects.

It seems like Roseway’s winter is St. Croix is barreling towards its end. We only have a couple of weeks of programing left this month. We are already looking forward to our overnight programs coming up in March. Before we all know it, it’ll be time to say good bye to our favorite little island and head back to the States. It’s time to squeeze in some last minute sightseeing. Some crew are finishing up their dive certifications while others hope to see some more of the island. This weekend is also the big Agriculture Fair and should be worth the trip into the island’s center.

Please stay tuned for more updates and happy belated Valentine’s Day!