02/16/14 - Ashley Hall Sets Sail

Ashley Hall Sets Sail

Watch B: Annie, Eli, Auburn, Lili, Maria, Lauren, Sarah, Alison, Avery

Surprise! The watch group names have changed so we are now B watch. This morning we woke up at 7:30 after a full night's rest. Then, everyone went on deck for breakfast. It was raining lightly, but everything cleared up after about 10 minutes. As a crew, we hauled up the sails and did a deck wash. We certainly see why Dr. Davis had us doing those pushups. Together, the sails weigh 4000 pounds. It was not long before most of us were hit by sea sickness. A Watch went on watch first while B watch went to the fish (our room to get some rest. At 12:30 B Watch went up for lunch of lentil soup and turkey wraps. At 1300 we began our watch. Watch consists of running hourly boat checks, two people being on bow watch, one person on midship watch, and one girl steering the helm. Everyone enjoyed getting a chance to keep a course. Captain Jack then gave us a lesson on sextants and how to measure the angle between the sun and the horizon. This helps you find our location! Now, most girls seem to be in recovery from their illness and are feeling better. We are all slightly damp and very salty but very happy and excited for the rest of the voyage!