02/13/15 - St Croix Kids--Learning, Sailing, Growing

St Croix Kids--Learning, Sailing, Growing

The Roseway crew had an action packed week working with Ricardo Richards 4th-6th graders in the morning and Juanita Gardine 6th graders in the afternoon. Most of these students got to spend a single day sailing and learning aboard Roseway in December, so it was great to reconnect with these students, see all of the information that they have retained and to continue to reinforce and build upon what they have learned. Students were challenged to climb out on the bow sprit and encouraged and cheered each other on as they climbed up the rig. They learned about simple machines, buoyancy, the physics of lift, navigation and much more. The teacher chaperones loved watching the students make connections from the classroom and the Roseway crew loved being able to teach these students out at sea, outside of the classroom. All students left with sore muscles (from raising over 4,000 pounds of sails each day), lots of new knowledge, and big smiles on their faces. We hope to see these students again soon!