02/01/13 - St. Croix Christian Academy Aboard Roseway

St. Croix Christian Academy Aboard Roseway

The morning started off with downpours although a number of crew still managed their morning snorkel around the Hotel on the Cay, swimming along the reef with a hawksbill turtle. The real highlight, however, happened once the skys cleared and the sixth graders from St. Croix Christian Academy came barreling down the dock to wrap up their last day of programming aboard Roseway. This wrapped up our second week of local St. Croix island programs and we continued to find these students beaming with pride about their accomplishments and all they have learned and done while on board: climbing the rig and out on the bowsprit, hauling up our sails, mastering speed and distance equations, buoyancy and density, simple machines and even throwing our heaving lines to the dock. Echos of their Roseway cheers and "I'm-a-stars" were heard all week throughout Gallows Bay and Christiansted, indicative of their excitement and joy. It is always a bittersweet saying goodbye to such a terrific group of students, but we are excited to welcome another classroom from Ricardo Richards next week. Let's hope they bring with them as much positive energy as we have seen these past weeks.