12/08/09 - Who Ripped That Jib?

Who Ripped That Jib?

Well it does happen: sails rip, especially when they get used as much as we use ours. These days, we're sailing three times a day in a good 15-20 knot breeze and a hot baking sun. Our jib has been holding on for dear life so we knew this day was not far away. Heading out from Christiansted Harbor this evening with a stiff breeze pulling us along at about 8 knots, our jib blew out. Thanks to our trusty seafaring deckhands, Tanner, Christine, and Chris, it was handled beautifully and furled right out there in the big seas.

Now for the most difficult task of all: who mends sails here in St. Croix? Not too many people. Thankfully we are clever and resourceful folks.....more on that soon. Meanwhile--we keep sailing!