12/08/12 - Crew Spotlight on Ryan Basting

Crew Spotlight on Ryan Basting

Imagine sailing along the Eastern Seaboard or the Caribbean leading youth in a life changing experience. This is the life of a deckhand/educator aboard Roseway. With the awesome experience does come all the challenges of living aboard a historic tall ship and in a confined community. Because of the seasonal nature of the position Roseway is always welcoming new crew and saying good bye to old crew. This fall we had many new additions so to get to know our crew it’s time for a sit down with this season’s deckhands.

We have to start with goodbye to the short lived tenure of Isabel Ryan, Captain Tom’s dog who joined us for a few weeks in Savannah. She will be missed by all. We also said goodbye to Rachael our deckhand from Canada who will be joining Class Afloat in Brazil in January aboard the tall ship Sorlandet.

For the first installment of the crew spotlight we will be shinning our lamps to Ryan Basting who joined Roseway while the boat was in yard. The first two and a half weeks he was with the boat he never saw it in the water as she had been pulled out before his arrival.

What were you doing before the World Ocean School? I was attending Providence College as a biology major. When I came out I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do so I took a position aboard a tall ship as a science educator with Sound Waters. It was a three-masted schooner based out of Stamford, CT. We did environmental education all along the Long Island sound mainly working with benthic creatures. We also raised public awareness of water issues.

What was your sailing experience beforehand? I had zero sailing experience. My science major led me to the science education side of things. I had also worked as a lifeguard so was used to working outside on the water. I enjoy being on tall ships because I get to do the education but also get to travel.

What’s next? After the Roseway I could see myself either on another tall ship and am considering going back to school. I’ve been considering green energy and ecology as possible programs.

Favorite Food? Manicotti

Hardest part of Roseway? The learning curve and combination of the transition from boat to boat. Still working on all the new skills. For example, learning generators, engines and other systems.

Looking Forward to St Croix? I’m amp'd, mainly exploring the marine life and experiencing and getting to know the locals and their way of life.

Favorite Sport? I love Ultimate Frisbee. I was the captain of my team in college.

Favorite Lesson to present? Giving the boat tour especially the forward compartments and conveying what life is like as a sailor.