Reflections From Our Crew: Sean

Reflections From Our Crew: Sean

Sean was part of our fearless 2020 crew aboard Roseway. He was our cook, so he spent his time keeping everyone fed and mentoring students during their rotation as galley assistant. 

He had this to say about his time on board:

"Being a part of the Roseway crew means strength. You need the strength to haul sail and navigate sleepless nights, but also the strength of mind to deal with problems that may arise on the boat with a cool, level head. You also need the strength to carry your crew mates when they are down, as they will carry you when the time comes.

While strength is important to be part of the Roseway crew, you must also have selflessness. The selflessness to play a game with a lonely student even though you haven't slept in 24 hours. The selflessness to not take the largest portion of food the few days before provisioning. The selflessness to listen to another person when they are having a bad day. You can talk your entire life, but on Roseway you can sit back and listen. You might just like what you hear.

The last part is Love. Love for life, the sea, the ship, your shipmates and yourself. Love so that you can show someone life does not have to only be about darkness, loss, and hate. It can be about small victories, meeting new people, seeing new places in the world, watching the sun rise and set on that never ending horizon. Reminding us our destinies are not set in stone, but are much more pliable. Roseway has shown that if you pour more love into life than you do hate, you can do anything.

To me, being a member of the Roseway crew means strength, selflessness, and above all, love."