08/09/11 - Summer Ambassador Program Goodbyes and Reflection

Summer Ambassador Program Goodbyes and Reflection

Here's what our summer ambassadors have to say on their last day of the program about what they GOT, what they GAVE, and what they will GIVE.

One thing I GOT from my experience at Summer Ambassador Program 2011:

  • Patience. I learned how to take time cleaning other than rushing, you would barely get anything done if you rush
  • Gave me knowledge of sailing and improved my communication skills
  • I got more experience from this trip and made new friends too
  • Good ethics like the ones we listed (trust, integrity, respect, compassion, communication)
  • Being an ambassador is not just about fun on the Roseway but how we represent ourselves and the places we are from as people
  • I got the ability to make friends in 15 minutes
  • I got a stronger grasp of sailing
  • Trust because I am a good friend to my ship-mates and I am kind to them
  • I got to meet cool people
  • The fact that you might have to do things you don’t want to do but you can learn to like them
  • I learned a lot more about sailing
  • Responsibility for my duties and for others
  • Awesome experience of what it is like to be out at sea for two weeks

One thing I CONTRIBUTED to Summer Ambassador Program 2011:

  • Leadership skills because I will never let my team mates down
  • I gave my patience, my friendship, and my help
  • I brought respect to other people
  • Chores by having more chore abilities
  • An ambassador is not just a name to give out but means what is made into the bearer
  • I contributed discipline and patience by working hard to get things done
  • I contributed my time and respect to gain knowledge and friends
  • Work and happiness doing it, even though I might complain about it, I still try and make something better out of it.
  • I gave my heart and soul to this project
  • Humor and leadership skills
  • Optimism and effort, such as hauling up sail and scrubbing the head

One thing I will GIVE back to my community:

  • One thing I will bring back to my community (home) is not fighting to clean but go on my knees and clean my butt off.
  • I want to give my experience to my friends and family that I got from Roseway.
  • Will work harder from the work on the boat
  • I will tell people to never give up
  • My community may not know where I am presently but they will learn that they can have many great experiences where they are
  • I will bring back stories of my experiences and everything I’ve learned
  • I will bring respect to other people and compassion
  • I will teach my family and friends our community’s values
  • Chores I’ve done here and the experiences that have happened
  • I will bring back my knowledge of sailing and a better understanding of being a better person
  • Spread information about this program to younger generation
  • Community service—when I see a problem like litter, I will do my best to help clean it up