08/08/09 - Summer Ambassador Students Say Goodbye

Summer Ambassador Students Say Goodbye

Students' final thoughts as they prepare to disembark and head home....

Eric Capo: One of the more interesting things I learned is how to furl the sails, which is more complicated that I would have thought. Another challenging activity was plotting our position on the chart which when I got good at it was really fun. I also learned how to tie so many different types of knots that its ridiculous. Some of the more challenging parts were 1) the cleaning because there is always something to clean and 2) six hours of sleep and six awake until we got to land. I think that I appreciate downtime more and being clean and warm....Come on Roseway.....it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Nathaniel Fuller: My favorite parts of the course were the food, which was always something different and good, the sleep time between watches on transit, the activities at the parks, and boat checks. The more challenging things would have been the limited space, the transits, and a low amount of showers. As a result of my course, I think that I have grown a bit more appreciative of sleep time, space for stuff, and showers.

Kai Bartlette: I would have to say that stopping in all those ports for the tall ships festivals was pretty awesome. The transits that required the six-hour shifts I find to be one of the most challenging. Also, it took a little getting used to the cold weather. I've gotten experience in how to talk to strangers about this program and absorbed little nuggets of knowledge that I wouldn't have gotten if I did not attend this trip. I would tell my friends [if considering the program next year] that they should bring an open mind, warm clothes, and lots of khaki pants.

Kelsey Morrison: Overall, the summer ambassador program was great. I loved being able to sit along the shoreline and just think, this was probably my favorite thing out of the entire course. Being able to sit and watch the waves on the shores of so many different ports. To any one that would be considering this program next year, I would definitely say do it. I had a great time. I hope that when I go home the strengthened friendships and bonds will remain as they are and have been on this trip.