08/08/14 - Closing Ceremonies

Closing Ceremonies

Watch C

Today started out with a brisk ice bath in the waters of Massachusetts. There was 100% participation in the swim for the first time. Soon after “I’m a stars” we set sail and ate breakfast underway. With Boston in the horizon we watched many whales blow and dive. We had lunch and then soon after we competed in the deck hand Olympics. It was a great competition and we all got to share our knowledge with each other about the things that we know about the boat. B watch won the competition after a very close and heated battle. When that was through, we all sang and practiced for our performance tonight. We all got a great amount of time to read and reflect and fill out our survey. As we neared Boston, the wind started to pick up and we had fun working the sails. We picked up Sam and Abby and had a filling dinner made from the hands of an artistic, wondrous, master of culinary arts also known as Lil’ John. We are all mourning that we must depart from each other tomorrow. We have had an epic time together and looked forward to our final evening together which will include us performing a song that we all composed. We are all thankful for the friendships that we made and we are all going to try to keep in touch over the year.