08/07/09 - Welcome Back to the U.S.A.

Welcome Back to the U.S.A.


Summerside, PEI to Portland, ME

4 August to 7 August, 2009

A WATCH: Eric, Nathaniel, Capt. Dwight, Sam, Gillian, Andrew

B WATCH: Kelsey, Kai, Capt. Tom, Devo, James


Entry by: Eric and Nathaniel

Nathaniel and I switched watches and now we have the easier shifts. On our first watch we sailed under the Confederation Bridge which was really amazing. After the bridge we went to sleep and when we woke up we went through the locks which wasn’t as fun as I had hoped. The water barely moved if it even moved at all. After the locks we passed Port Hawkesbury, and then the sea started to pick up. After that it got cold and foggy. After a couple cold and foggy watches the weather finally started to clear up for us. On the beginning of our second to last watch we started looking out for ocean sunfish (mola mola?). At the end of our watch we had seen lots of whales, dolphins and nine sunfish. On our last watch we cleaned up the boat, waited until 1100 and then docked.


Entry by: Kai and Kelsey

Kelsey and I are now in the B Team and Nate and Eric are now on the A team. This transit took about four days. It’s all kind of a blur at this point. Kelsey was sick for most of the time. On the 12 am to 6 am shift, it was really calm and the sky was clear. We saw about four pilot whales, a lot of fin whales, and white sided dolphins. It was pretty funny, right as A watch was getting off, the sun would roll out letting the sun shine through for B watch. Or right after B watch would get off the fog would roll back. So what ended up happening was B watch had very little fog hours. Yesterday, on our watch, we saw ten sunfish. I saw one swim right next to the boat. You could see it underwater. It was huge! Turns out sunfish can weigh up to 500 lbs and grow between five and ten feet. We caught something on our trolling line. It was a plastic bag. At least we got it out of the water. We saw a shark and a huge tuna jump out of the water. We also saw a small fin whale. That was all in one watch. It was very exciting. For dinner yesterday we had pot roast, roasted potatoes and corn. It seems like we’ve had potatoes in every meal since we left Summerside. When we got to Summerside, they gave us FIFTY POUNDS of Prince Edward Island potatoes. For dinner tonight, we’re having…are you ready for it…lobster. Yeah! We are all excited except for Gillian who is allergic to shellfish.