08/07/13 - Sailing North for a Brisk Swim

Sailing North for a Brisk Swim

Watch A: Aly, Jarod, Jessica, Myah, Tresvonni

After a night of dock watches, our lovely crew members thought it would be a good idea to wake us up by jumping up and down and screaming “I’m a star.” Interesting approach, huh? Then we raised the sails and set forth towards Portland. We took turns standing bow watch, steering the boat, reading and reflecting and doing boat checks. We also figured out how to plot and calculate the distance we traveled today. 65 miles! We showed up near Portland and anchored in the middle of Saco Bay. We took a well needed cleanse. This included jumping off the boat and landing in the frigid water. Della’s delicious meal warmed our freezing bodies, but we did not receive food until we told her what we are grateful for. We can’t wait for tomorrow to get to Portland.