08/07/14 - Boston-bound


Watch B

Today we woke up with a chill in our bones from the early morning anchor watches. Starting our day off right with 45 "I'm A Stars!" thinking to ourselves let's turn that ice into nice....warm blood. We raised sails with some extra heaves and hoes from the trusty barkers. Not long after that every crew member and summer ambassador's stomach was stuffed with fabulous French toast for breakfast. We got ourselves into our daily sailing rotation starting off with some seamanship activities and learned how to calculate the speed of our ship without any electronic devices. Throughout the day we made some friends consisting of a few fin whales and a yellow finch who hung out around the boat eating all the pesky biting flies. The sky started to darken and we luckily dodged some thunder and lightning storms. Dropping sails (and our anchor) in the harbor of Manchester By The Sea left us with warm hearts. We finished the day off with a spectacular array of food created by the nimble hands of, without a doubt, the world's foremost culinary genius.